Artist statement

My work focuses on my personal interaction and relationship to the landscape around me. When actively looking at landscapes, I find myself searching for visual information, and by doing so, I find myself slowing down in order to reflect and absorb what I see. It is my hope that each of my works present a quiet and reflective evocation of place, similar to how I interpret my interaction to the landscape.

I work with iron rich clay primarily fired in anagama wood kilns. The process of making clay, creating the work, as well as the long intensive wood firings are all important steps in the production of my final works, which speak to concepts of local material, time, labor and attention to ones interaction and experience of place.

My intention is not to depict a specific location or to create a literal interpretation of what I see. Instead, I strive to share with the viewers a larger sense of place, one that might help them question their own relation to their surroundings.